How much does the diploma course cost?


There are no hidden extras in this price, unlike other courses you may see advertised. See what is included in this price.

How can I pay?

£1650 split into:

  • Deposit of £450 to be paid on enrolment to secure your place
  • Followed by 12 direct debit payments of £100 starting from the month after the course starts

What is included in this price?

What do I get for my £1650?
Course fees include:

  • tuition and assessment over 36 weeks
  • individual verbal and written feedback over 36 weeks
  • up to date equipment and resources
  • health and safety certificate is no longer required with VTCT as it is included in this diploma
  • course text books and resource material
  • course file in which to compile your portfolio of evidence
  • Lifetime registration with VTCT
  • Exam costs
  • a VTCT certificate to show you are qualified to practice

What do I need to do if I am interested in enrolling on the diploma course?

If you’d like more information please

  • Talk with Jill and Mary
  • Call our school number 07526 691 574
  • Email us
  • Leave your email and contact details with us
  • Enrolment forms are available now along with course payment contract

When does the next Body Massage course run?

  • Diploma in Body Massage
  • Mondays 9.30 am-12.30
  • (3 hours) for 36 weeks
  • Start date:  Starting after Easter usually in April or May and runs until the March the following year

When will the next Reflexology diploma course run?

  • This year’s diploma course starts 15th May 2019
  • If you are interested in the next Reflexology diploma course please contact Jill on 07526691574 or email

Why choose to do a course with The York School of Holistic Therapies?

  • value for money courses with high quality training
  • the opportunity to pay in affordable monthly installments
  • No hidden costs (only your kit to buy)
  • Small classes
  • experienced tutors who are respected practitioners
  • Lots of opportunities to develop practical skills in real-life settings

What equipment will I need for the Body Massage diploma course?

Body Massage Kit list
You will need to obtain the following for your own personal kit following advice from your tutor on enrollment:

  • Linen/towels – approx £50-£100
  • 2 bath sheets, 5 hand towels, 2 pillows with pillow cases (sometimes fleeces are a good choice but the tutor will advise you on linen)
  • Massage couch – approx £100-150 new (or second –hand is fine)

Please wait for advice from tutor before purchasing a couch.

  • Oils – a range of massage oil including sweet almond oil, grape seed oil, peach/apricot kernel oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil plus oils for the face
  • A tunic (as part of your uniform) £15-20

TOTAL COST – Kit costs may be from £250 if kit is new.

What equipment will I need for the Reflexology diploma course?

Reflexology Kit list

  • A tunic (as part of your uniform) £15-20
  • 3 hand towels £3-10
  • A blanket £5-10
  • 2 pillows with covers £5-10
  • A choice of lotions in pump dispensers £5
  • Hand sanitizer, wipes and nappy sacks £5

TOTAL COST – Up to £60 plus

What textbooks do you use?

Body Massage –
Anatomy and Physiology by Francesca Gould (3rd edition)
Body Massage for Holistic Therapists by Francesca Gould

Reflexology –
Anatomy and Physiology by Francesca Gould (3rd edition)
Reflexology – a way to better Health by Nicola Hall

*These textbooks are included in the price of the diploma course

How is the course assessed?

Ongoing assessments are undertaken for both theory work and practical tasks in class and also as part of homework assignments. Students work to produce a portfolio of evidence under completed guidance from the tutor. Some case studies are undertaken in class and others are to be done at home. Practical assessments are carried out in class time by the tutor, Assessor and our Internal Verifier. We also have and External Verifier assigned to the school from VTCT who visits a few times in the year to check standards of achievement are met by the students and tutors.

What exams do I need to sit on the diploma course?

There are 2 Anatomy and Physiology exams to sit on the diploma courses. These are multiple choice questions and the pass mark is 70%. There are opportunities to re sit these exams if necessary although the areas examined will be covered in the course along with opportunities to answer similar style questions and practice mock up papers.

How much homework will I get?

You need to be able to set aside a few hours each week to complete assignments set by the tutors and also to practice the practical skills learnt in class. Homework assignments can vary from writing short and longer answers, multiple choice questions, filling in missing words, quizzes, labeling diagrams, drawing, making posters, reading, looking at internet research or You Tube clips. We like to keep tasks varied and different and fun as we appreciate that everyone has their own individual of style learning and some students has be away from education for some time. Your tutors will give you as much assistance as you require. This is just one of the reasons keep our class numbers small, so that we can give you the individual help you may need.

What is the size of the classes?

For all our courses we like to keep the class sizes small with no more than 12 per class. We believe this is really important to give you the best teaching and learning experience we can. With smaller classes than other places offering the same qualification, we feel we can accommodate better one to one tuition with help when you need it. This also enables us to offer opportunities for students to practice their skills individually with tutors and get the best possible advise and feedback. Basically we keep the class sizes small so that we can give you the best training we can for you to grow and develop into the best therapist you can be!

Will I need insurance?

Initially you are not required to be insured. The tutors will advise you when it is a good time to get insured with student insurance. We generally advise student insurance from The Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) and this is easily transferred into full practitioner insurance once the
student completes the course and is awarded the VTCT Anatomy and Physiology by Francesca Gould level 3 Diploma.

What will the diploma qualification enable me to do?

The VTCT level 3 Diploma will give opportunities for you to work in the health and beauty sector. There are many varied and flexible areas for you to work employed or self employed as a Massage Therapist or Reflexologist from salons, clinics, gyms, health clubs and spas, cruise liners, hospices and even in voluntary work. There is a lot scope and flexibility with setting up as a self-employed therapist working from home or in mobile work to suit your own/ family needs. You will be given lots of information and advice about these opportunities in our Business Studies unit and will design your own business plan model so that you can set up work as soon as you complete the course.

What is VTCT?

VTCT is the specialist awarding organisation for the hairdressing and beauty sector and the first non-unitary awarding body accredited to offer the Principal Learning for the new Diploma in Hair and Beauty Studies. The full qualification package also covers complementary therapies, sports and active leisure, business skills and hospitality and catering.

VTCT is a Government approved awarding organisation offering National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs), Scottish Vocational Qualifications (SVQs) and other vocationally related qualifications (VRQs). VTCT has been in existence for over 50 years and has been at the forefront of developing the vocational system of qualifications in the United Kingdom.

With a head office in Eastleigh, Hampshire, the company employs around 40 staff and has a field force of over 50 external verifiers working on a contract basis.

VTCT is involved in many of the new initiatives being introduced into the education system, including the embedding of key skills, the move to functional skills and towards e-assessment. At the same time we are keeping abreast of developments in the Framework for Achievement and the introduction of the 14-19 Diplomas.

VTCT will continue to strengthen its presence in the vocational qualifications market in the United Kingdom, where qualifications from VTCT are offered at over 500 colleges of further education and private training centres. Further expansion into overseas markets is one of VTCT’s next goals.

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